Friday 4 September 2020

ALICE UNLOVED my new drama about non conformity .... 'so many women fall in love with a pig.'


 Sometimes we falter.... sometimes we succeed... an old Uke adage is 'Life is not a feather'. Also 'Courage isn't easy.' 

 Nostalgia can overcome we elders as we hike along the trail of our memories.

 I got carried away with living life ... what i should have done long ago is creating ....using max skills to document my thoughts and life style using words, pictures and pictures that move and talk.  

 Not sure of how others feel their lives... most i assume are arrogant and silly enough to think the simple dullness of their 'normal' lives was perfect .... then along came C19 and they could show how wonderful they are 'toeing the line' of conformity.

My latest movie isn't a doc. but a drama called ALICE UNLOVED - following an indepent life style Alive believes that she can live/dream her life without love - a very difficult journey for a female since nature gave them an amazing capacity to love so that the species can survive with mother's that deeply care for family even above themselves.... then along comes a pig that changes all that. 'so many women fall in love with a pig.;

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