Sunday 20 September 2020

ALICE UNLOVED and living real in and UNREAL WORLD

 ALICE UNLOVED wil be my re-entry into fiction films... sort of ... since the method i use encompasses my particular set of skills learned, honed and refined over years of living 'real'.

Perhaps 'living real' is a new concept for some but for those of us who have done it most of our lives it's natural. Courage of course is a key element as is living on the edge... the edges of things are often where we learn the most about ourselves which is where our life resides i.e. In ourselves first then the external world after that.

When young and invincible it's easier to live that way but the real test of courage is in how we deal with life as we age simply because so many of us face so many disappointments that we give up .... i have at times joined that group but not for long and not willingly.

It's not complex; I simply see living the creative life as the most perfect life.

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