Friday 31 August 2012


Videomaker Peter Evanchuck documents three weary Toronto Winters in the life of Homeless Street Poet ROBERT THOMAS PAYNE.

MARKO'S MANIA - poster

Videomaker Peter Evanchuck, captures in his 29 minute documentary a 14 year journey in the life of Bi-Polar Marko Polakiwsky.

Tuesday 21 August 2012

BOY times and time flies in all directions in movieWORLD

Ok ok we're all busy busy busy and all of us who are new and learning all about FinalCutPro6 then gets FCPro7 and has to learn about that as well as all the other shit one has to fill their snappy cells with means - it takes away the fevour of keeping one's blogs 'up to date'

Well now things have slowed down a bit the movies are heading for the festival roundups and hopefully will make a big splash like me when i belly flop off the flotilla of my endeavours - sorry for the absence of malice the biting wit and heavy satire of my comments about trying to learn a new field when one is well over the hillock of life's shining light of youthfullness.

Blessed me those who never stop life by stopping to learn something hard and new....

Peter the Cancer Survivor now Peter the FinalCutPro survivor !!