Monday 7 September 2020



Digital caused a flurry and a flourish of major movie making interest ... perhaps too much and too many. So many videos so few ideas... as someone once outlined and I paraphrase.

The vast outpouring didn't make an astounding original flow of amazing ways to make movies with real life content without the mediocre sway of huge studio interference... the happy ending syndrome.

Recently i re-watched FOUR BROTHERS which started out as a rather unique and interesting American feature but ended in a sad display of soup opera results. As it flowed along it became more and more predictably a copy of movies u've seen before several times.

Unfortunately this decline seems to be the 'cater to the lower end' type of holywoody movie too often seen in recent decades.

Some very interesting 'film noir' movies were made in America in the 30's and 40' that are now displayed on youtube free.

I recently watched all the Basil Rathburne Sherlock Holmes movies and much to my surprise since they were made from 1939 to 1946, they were well made and interesting to watch. Certainly they are as good as the more recent Granasa's versions featuring Brett as Sherlock.

Anyway, volume is not always the answer and often the damage done... so many images float around everyone's world and most of it cliche ridden nonsense; so, those old Sherlock's seem worth one's time.

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