Thursday 9 January 2014

the ongoing story of Sir CHARLES GD ROBERTS the book the doc .. going going ( my HERNIA operation yesterday recovery slow but sure )

HELENE LACELLE's illustration of the crying oxen creates a totally modern 'look' to the hundred year old animal stories of GD ROBERTS, a NB born and raised writer who 'created' the animal story wherein he treates so called 'wild beasts' as humans i.e. they think and feel and react as we human animals do - along with E.T. SETON he was the first in the world to do so and as a result became world famous for these stories - his first collection of anmal stories sold 80,000 copies in N.A. which considering it was about 100 years ago this was fantastic.
  The book on his collected animal stories should be out end of this month - the doc. progressing slower due to my cancer tests/scans, my Kidney Stone problems and my recent Hernia surgery, i've relaxed on the doc. and chose to continue forward with the book - much easier to work on.

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