Tuesday 28 January 2014

PETER EVANCHUCK and 'then there were none' views on views

Winter is always a time many Canadians view the white world from cozy places others just view it as being Canadian ... for the homeless and the homed who have experienced 'living the streets' its a hard time, a desperate time, but the living of it gives them a remarkable view from the inside out. I've had some modest experiences of it, have living 'rough' but not for prolonged periods of time and there's the rub... ROBERT PAYNE recently got 'homed' after 8 hard winters/years living rough and his 'new life' of having a room without a view' but a room in a cozy warm basement apartment, secure and worry free has got to be an exceptional new experience for him that should be documented.

Toronto's Queen west was and perhaps still is the homeless capital of Canada. The street that used to provide a home for dozens of poor, ill, survivors of life is now being gentrified. The condos are replacing everything and what was great about it as a living working creative artist is almost all gone. Even ROB's former alley home has been fenced, gated, locked and barred from his use. That life style in that area seems to be getting more and more to be history of the past as the homeless, poor and ill will have to find their new home with a view or without a view but a home that's no longer in familiar surroundings of Queen West but pushed further and further away .... sad in many ways that our old neighbourhoods that we cared for so much are now almost all gone and replaced by condoWORLD.

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