Sunday 15 January 2012


Howdy Canadian winter folks,

now isn't life like that - one wakes up into a disaster fozen cold water pipes to main floor washroom  (since i know how to thaw pipes it's really a minor disaster - and i know that when the overnight temp hits -25c that cold water pipe on the overhang washroom extension i built years back freezes. ) if one can't repair it themselves costs spell disaster - but when on can then the expensive disaster turns into a modest problem that one quickly remedies - after thawing the cold water pipe, i made a great 'cream of leek' soup of the day which is rare for me since i usually don't buy leeks but the chinese superstore had them on sale and i buy 'sale items' always over full price ones since I cook so much i'm aware of costs - then worked away on my movies and that went well - FCPRO actually didn't give me problems - then a game of scrabble and for a change i won - then out for a riverside ski and my tore painful heel was healed enough not to give me such a pain that i'd have to give up and come back since it was really a fine day in the sun despite the -15c it was probably half that in the sun and nature was out there greeting me and the other 3 skiers who's path i crossed - so of the 1.3 million people in this area, 4 of us were skiing ... makes one wonder what the others may be doing on this fine Canadian winter mmmmmmmm?

p.s. while i was skiing along the River i had this nice plump chicken in the new oven (bought a new oven/fridge recently after 25 years with the old ones) roasting with a nice rice based stuffing - when i got back i augmented the chicken with some really nice french fries from potatoes i bought in NB - very tasty meal that i'm now vigorously consuming after my great skiing exercise -

hope ur winter day was also fruit-full and fun ??


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