Saturday 7 January 2012

ahhhhhhhh FRUSTRATION GALORE - the never ending search and rescue of older projects and older cameras

  I don't know who it was that said, 'it ain't easy.' or 'It's not over 'till it's over.' probably a few million comedians over the centuries. Well i'm now repeating those well used words 'cause such a couple days have i had with camera problems and it seems not a FinalCutPro problem but a old decaying camera problem.
 A decade or so back i shot about 12 hours recording a biPolar buddy's 'art therapy' tour of travelling on the cheap, sleeping in or around my old Volvo wagon in tents or just on the ground,  and he taking pics of Canada's World Heritage sites from Toronto to the tip of the Northern Peninsula of Nfld. at L'Ainse aux Meadows where the icebergs float from the arctic ocean along the Lab. coast between Nfld and Labrador.
It was about June of '99 and the weather was fine for the start of the journey. So after about two weeks of 'roughing it' we returned with some great footage - it was screened but very little was done with it until  a few years later when it started to go from editor to editor without completion then we both had moved on and that footage lay dormant until about 3-4 years ago when I got back into movie making at a pro level and started to learn FCPro bought some equipment and got a job that took me back to the maritimes shooing in Nfld and NB.
Then I remembered that footage checked it out and knew there was a fine movie to be made with it - then once again i had editor problems and once again it lay dormate for a while until i learned FCPro and got more serious about tying up loose ends and using some of that endless footage i shot over the years but never made into completed movies. Also i ran into Marco the photographer, again and we sort of renewed our friendship. He was still sort of hoping to do something with his new Leica digital camera but wasn't that active any longer since his new meds for his mania had given him peace of mind but put on about 140 lbs. So now he was FAT MARCO and ten years later no longer energetic and wild.

story to continue in next blog ....

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