Saturday 8 October 2011

PETER EVANCHUCK hiding behind his CP16mm lining up the shot of SCOTTY

Picture is from decades back, when i was still shooting with either my Arri BL or my CP16mm cameras - the old CP16 is from my days shooting for the Wild World of Sports - in those days the reliable, durable CP16 was the industry standard since it also allowed a sound stripe to be recorded directly on the 16mm film - using reversal film stock meant that u process/print and go directly to air - so fast and cheap.

SCOTTY loved movies, especially the old ones. His dream was to be in a movie and this was that movie. During his last days he came to live with us in our Loft and we cared for him until his dying days when the Paramedics came to take him away to the Western Hospital where he died shorly after admittance. A very sad day for many of us.

That movie was never finished and now that digital is here, it may be finished... that is when i can afford to transfer all the 16mm film and sound tracks to HD Digital not cheap. That was always the problem in the old days when one shot, process and printed, tsfr'd sound to 16mm mag, edited, neg tsfr, etc., etc., to final release prints the cost came hot and heavy at the beginning and at the end.

Of course, with HD Digital cost is no longer in stock, tsfrs, etc., and now for the freelance independent film/video maker who want to learn all the aspects necessary to go from camera to screen is all soooooo easy compared to those old days of film. (mind u learning FinalCut Pro has been a mind bender for me and i think it's a software that one learns new stuff on every day/week/month... next will be learning Pro Logic probably that'll take me a year to get but then Happy Sailing for this movieMAKER...)

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  1. wow the good old days seem no gooder than these good new days, eh?