Sunday 9 October 2011

ahhhhhhh the problems that FCPro gives one

Don't know why but yesterday i clicked something wrong and lost my ability to use the magic mouse to right click and set in dissolves/fades in the 'time line' so fiddle while my brain burned, contact co-op's to get help but they don't know - seems problem was unique - yeah right so what's new - FCPro is like that - one can never really know all that it can do unless one is a full time pro. editor, at least that's what i think.

Nayway, i read the manual, fiddled some more and suddenly that small pop up window info seemed so simple i.e. go to bin, click on effects, select effect ikon us wish to return to default double click it and bingo it worked.

So now i'm back clicking the magic mouse to make it's magic on time line transitions with ease and EUREKA it works mighty fine.

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