Saturday 15 October 2011

movie making shouldn't be about wearing out those creative juices but putting them into the shot.scene

So many movie guys work long tortuous hours trying to set-up, line-up 'get' the shot properly - after a dozen or more hours daily and a few weeks or more at it, usually the crew & cast is exhausted. It seems, to some, a hallmark of success to look worn out and tired while making a feature film. The more bags under ur eyes the more u seem to be working hard.

 I never could figure that out. I seems incompetent to me that one can't do it quicker that one can't use all one's energy to 'create original' footage rather than use their energy waiting and waiting and waiting for the next scene or shot. Unfortunately doing so many things 'around' the shot preparing to make it exhausts everyone and in particular the one most responsible for the creative uniqueness of the shot and scene, the director. Taking so long, wearing our energy means that by the time the director is ready to 'create' the 'feel' of the shot - he no longer feels much more than to get 'that damn shot in the camera'

I've never understood that wearing oneself out and making a common, mediocre movie was the way to go.

Now for the independent moviemaker going digital, using natural light with modest augmentation, simplifying and speeding up the set-ups so the director, camera and the cast are at the peak of their creative juices rather than at the end seems the way to go for me.

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