Friday 19 December 2014

my life has slowed down even more CANCER has returned

Whoever said FREEDOM 55 obviously never had a life before 55 - growing old is no fun for the highly active person who lives life not only fully but often dangerously by the standards of anyone who's says his life begins at 55... anyway, we all have our way of interpreting and understanding our lives and the lives of those who have history and those who have almost non.

Cancer has overtaken my life again after being told i was clear of cancer a couple years ago now i'm told that it has returned and so i'm waiting for surgery to remove the larger tumours and then 42 days of radiation to remove the smaller tumours - meanwhile i'm carrying on like someone who has and believes in the future.

I've returned to volunteering at a local Soup Kitchen after having done cooking/running soup kitchens in Toronto for almost a decade off and on and then easing off to return to renovating, doc. making, book making, curating, and travelling.

my partner and I have a rather full life going from one creative enterprise/event to another over the past years - hard work, hard thinking has as it usually does , paid off so we've advanced our lives and our future by tackling all sorts of creative work.

ok that's an update and now ... while waiting for my surgery dates , i've completed a short doc using that to upgrade my skills in FCPro7 - u can view it on youtube and soon on Vimeo ...

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