Tuesday 4 September 2012

The BIG UKE Lebowski's with small cameras

PETER EVANCHUCK and MARKO POLAKIWSKY pose for HELENE LACELLE's camera before they take off to continue the NB UNESCO World Heritage BIOSPHERE shoot. Based in Chipman, they will spend time shooting the Biosphere then camp overnights as they move thru NS capturing the UNESCO world Heritage sites at GRAND PRE, JOGGINS and LUNENBERG. This is a lifelong documentation for MARKO who has crisscrossed Canada many times shooting, like Ansel Adams, using a 6x4.5 format Mamiya 645 . He and Evanchuck first started the documentary MARKO'sMANIA  in 1999 when they went across eastern Canada recording the sites. After a ten year hiatus, MARKO has overcome his bi-polar illness to continue pursuing his dream to document and publish a book on all the Canadian Heritage sites. Meanwhile Evanchuck is, with the help of HELENE LACELLE and MC SARDA, completing several documentaries on marginalized, good people who have overcome serious problems to pursue a life in creative work to contribute to their life and the lives of others.

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