Thursday 20 September 2012

POSTCARD from TORONTO ::: photos from my two old buddies LARROW & GERRY

It's sad to see so many of my buddies passing away - while in Toronto i found out GUITAR PETE only 48 died last year heart failure/drugs - that's 27 guys i used to hang with have died in the past ten years - very sad indeed - poor LARROW is on his way out ... both bachelors are very thin but old GERRY being bi-polar is full of vim&vinigar came on the streetcar all the way to the Art show/sale which is about 5k's from his home - he had this, just met, young British gentleMAN help him off the street car and pushed his walker after finding out where in the maze of 250 tents/artists HELENE was located but they did!! - i said there were 5,000 visitors but that was wrong i just found out the count was more like 20,000 - a great show/sale and huge moola to be made - i sold 180 'srooms and could have sold more but of the 200 , 20 were not saleable i.e. cracked/forgot to put in spike - at $10. each mmmmmm moola for a month OR SO.. holiday this January in BELIZE & GUATEMALA (where I used to have a camp/shack/house not sure what one would call it - but in BELIZE it was called a house but it was sort of like RICK's shack/camp )

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