Friday 23 December 2011

those inspired moments came to Peter Evanchuck while trying to end his doc. on homeless poet Robert Payne

I guess every Director while editing his movie will have edits that simply seem to work at the time but a week later, they seem awkward sometimes even all wrong. Or if the Director is also the cameraman, then while looking at the edits suddenly remembers a sequence or a shot that would better open or close or move the movie in the right direction with significant meaning.
Just the other day that happened to me. I've been having some real problems with the ending of my doc. on a homeless poet, Robert Payne. I didn't shoot the final scene and i no longer am able to find him so i've been stuck. Well i suddenly had that great moment, that inspired moment of seeing what i already had shot that was in the bin would 'fit'. It would create an open ended ending where the endless, aimless movement of the homeless would be clearly seen; where complacency is the rigour mortis of the soul for all involved.. even those who seem unable to help themselves ... those shots came together, the sounds came together and the movie seemed to have a proper ending....

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