Friday 12 January 2018

Well .. damn REMNANTS mini doc givng me problems with sound tracks FCPro7 seems a bit out of date might swing into FCProX or Premiier - theKNOWIdALLclub continues

Had rather a comical event happen when i encountered an email from someone i knew decades ago who informed me how he knew all about kayaking and shooting video from a kayak - the irony of that guy is that he never kayaked or made/shot digital in his life.

U see when u actaully do things/complete things there seems to be a longer list of 'nay-sayers' than congratulators in Canada - seems we are a 'down' country where the arts are concerned.

I know so many filmakers who struggle to rise above the freebees of the profession to the pay-the-rent ability that it's rather disheartening. So many of us take other venue to make out living and create movies as a sideline rahter than a livingline.

The co-ops and schools are real testaments to this reality.

Recently i read about how busy and productive movie-making is now in Manitoba. So busy that they can't get crews to cover all the work. Despite this the government intends to take away the tax credits which of course makes much of the work viable/possible - it seems strange that this is an easy way to provide employment and yet like NB and other provinces , the government wants to take away that credit as though their coffers needs that money - for what or why we never know.

of course that means so many exceptional filmakers are heading south as usual and this is obvious in Quebec where many of the best filmakers are made. Instead of turning out those great movies of a Jutra, Arcand, or Breault they head to Hollywoody and get huge budgets ot me whatever that factory throws at them and never is it about stories that created them, never is it about their home towns, their home country but business as usual, it's usally about the good ol USofA.

sad and true the way the world works almost never in mysterious ways.....

ooops i got on a wrong rant and so forgot about my problems with REMNANTS so that'll be covered in next babble.....stay tuned

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